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 - geekily fangirl'd out that Marion Ravenwood was in the new (slightly disappointing) Indy movie, even though the actress hasn't aged particularly well.
- finished a cute green-and-orange hat for Shane, very excited to send it to him tomorrow.
- going to the Outer Banks in the morning.
- went for a boat ride with cousins Brendhan and Bella today...saw a group of baby turtles relaxing in the sun
- sunburned from a day spent in the ocean at Emerald Isle.
- shocked that all my relatives drink DECAF COFFEE in the morning. wtf??? that's like drinking O'Doul's!
- ate at Dairy Queen (as in q-u-e-e-n??) for the first time in years today. This vacation better end soon because I am seriously gaining weight.
- Dad is making Mexican food and it smells gooooooood.
- I have a headache as per usual......I have been having them very often the past couple months, and I've never had headaches in my life. Hmm.
- I never want to wash another dish in my life.