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there are not enough hours in the next two days for me to get everything done that I need to.  Whenever I have lots of things to do, I sort of shut down and don't do any of them. Then, I have a panic attack and try to do them all in a half hour.

Anyway, yesterday I discovered that someone stuck a giant home made sticker on the side of my car in the Yale parking lot. It was a rainbow panda eating an ice-cream. It took me freakin' forever to peel it off. Kids these days!!!! seriously.
After wading through the beaurocratic mess that is College of Arts and Sciences Advising, I signed up for classes for the fall. I am taking a whopping 18 credits: reporting 375, interviewing, professional communication, survey of math, women in the modern world, and....get this....20th century music!!! Hey, it's an upper-level history class so it counts toward my minor...and why take Theories of WWII if i can take this instead? Screw intellectualism!!

Dumb hip-hop lyric of the day: "hey, how'd you get all of that in them jeans?? that's the line that I use, followed by 'can I buy you a drink?'"

I don't know who on earth would fall for that. I mean, come on.

Anyway....there is pizza to eat and papers to write...
but i have senioritis like whoa.
A bunch of my old friends from freshman year in Montana just graduated on Saturday. It kind of makes me feel like failure, but then again I did change my major approx. 50 times. Also strange: My old friend Megan is engaged. My old friend Sarah is moving to Zambia to do some sort of medical research.

Am I boring?
So things worked out with the apt. in DC. In fact....they worked out better than expected because I got a freakin' STUDIO APARTMENT ALL TO MYSELF right outside Georgetown...one of the nation's freakin' capitals of nightlife! Yayyyyyy!!! Also, "The Exorcist" was filmed there, according to my Wiki-research. I want someone to take a picture of me laying in front of the stairs that the priest fell down at the end.

Let's see....this morning I awoke at 6 a.m. to study for my math final one last time....and I STILL bombed it. I went to tutoring, to the algebra table, to caps, everything. So much effort. All for naught. It was the worst test of all time. Plus, I only had a giant oversize red bull for breakfast so my stomach grumbled annoying throughout the test. It was very embarrassing.

I ate at Bandito's Hideout for lunch....you know, the place that has the creepy man in the bondage mask standing in the median advertising daily specials. I ordered fish tacos, which are sketchy in N.M. anyway...but these arrived covered in MAYONNAISE!!!!! So awful.

Later this afternoon I aced my media law final...or at least I hope I did. It was very easy. Or mayhaps deceptively easy.

Ok. I am going to finish this gosh dern paper and go home and relax. Perhaps I will watch "Almost Famous." I purchased it for $2.99 at Savers.

Wow. this update truly has been pointless.
all right.

DC apartment madness

So, the good news is, apparently I am getting an apartment in DC. the bad news is...I don't know anything about it. The amount I have tried to get in touch with these people is ridiculous. Here is a timeline:
- The editor in chief writes to tell me he has secured an apartment for me from June 1-Aug 1. I write him back to ask him a few simple questions.
- He writes me back and tells me to get in touch with a woman named L. So I write her.
- A few days later she writes me back and doesn't answer my questions. So she tells me to get in touch with a woman named S.
- I write to S. She doesn't write back.
- I call her. She doesn't answer. I leave a message.
- S. writes me an e-mail. She says she is very busy and will answer my questions soon. She does not.
- I call her again. She says she will have the information to me within twenty four hours.
- It has been twenty our hours. You can all guess whether I have the information.


an afternoon at winnings

In this blog entry, my first live journal blog entry ever, i will detail what I am observing this afternoon at winnings, a new mexico coffee establishment.
- girl in yellow plaid bondage pants, converse boots (like hi tops but they go up to the knee), red denim jacket with arms cut off, fanny pack type thing slung across one shoulder and attached to opposite hip, head scarf, lesbian haircut, nalgene bottle with peta stickers thereupon.
- today's soup special is "vegan moraccan mushroom lentil." i wonder if moraccan mushrooms have psychedelic qualities. Given the atttitude of the people who work here, i would not be surprised.
- a bearded man who may or may not be homeless is wearing a shirt with a dragon on it and doing a crossword in pen. he has a hot beverage in front of him, most likely a "yerba matay latte."
- possibly the best kneejerk liberal i have seen here in many a moon. I must type and observe fast because he is packing his things to leave, most likely to attend a potluck at the peace 'n' justice centre. he has a greying widows peak, a black mock turtleneck sweater, black pants, birkenstocks with socks, and several indian looking string bracelets on his arm. He looks like he teaches modern dance. or works at an indie book store. oh wait- he must teach something- he has a stack of what appear to be graded papers beneath his arms. he has a yoga mat (purple) under the other one.
- there are several people here whose genders are indeterminable.
- there is a one-legged homie in a wheel chair. he is drinking from a mug that says "friends don't let friends go to starbucks."
- i asked a man with interesting glasses where he got them. He looked down his nose at me- LITERALLY DOWN HIS NOSE AT ME- and said, "hmmph. well, not in albuquerque, i'll tell you that much!"
- a bunch of people who smell like patchooli are smoking rollies outside. or possibly individual Kools purchased for 35 cents from the zone, a place that sells "tobacco accessories."
- the girl who sold me my tea looks like the type who thinks it's borgoiuse (i don't know how to spell that) to be heterosexual.
- ok...i don't have much else to write about this place. If you have anything to add, please leave a comment.