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dee see

I have just realized I live in a very walking oriented city and own not one single pair of even remotely comfortable shoes. Eff fashion....I'm getting me some Z-Coils. And a Seg-way...possibly the gayest form of transportation ever.

Last night there was a dinner cruise for cousin Casey's proposal to his gf...she said  yes, of course. The ring was something Biggie himself would have been ashamed to wear...it's THAT huge and ostentatious. How Casey could afford it, I will never know. Mayhaps he's a drug lord in his spare time? Anyway...the champagne was flowing, and you haven't seen Sarah till you've seen drunk Sarah starting the congo line to the music of a fabulous dinner-cruise band. Yeaaaaah!

Also...there is not a single health problem that mary does not have or hasn't had in her life...she's like a walking Discovery Health Mystery Diagnoses.

Anyway. I need a frappuncino in a bottle like whoa...and I am going to the hirschorn.